Young Mother. 22. Maine. Hoplessly Lost In Life.


Dear paper and pen,

Thank you. No matter what you are always there for me when I need to vent, when I have no one else, or can’t vent to the one person I should be able to. You are the best listener and let me get it all out without telling me to stop then making about you.

Forever yours,
Sydney :)

Struggling for your attention when I’m sick/in a bad mood??


What was I thinking….

my head is my worst enemy.

it always gets in my way,

its never positive thinking.

It just hurts, i see and think and feel all negative things.

But im actually happy, i should be happy, and yet alls i continue to see is bad..

i have no idea what i ever did to make my mother hate me so much. 

the things i do are never good enough, its always wrong, never right.

she complains about me and the things i do and how i raise my daughter, but shes my daughter, im not doing anything wrong. my world revolves around her, she is my life, im with her all day everyday, except for the days im at school trying to finish to better our lives, but its never good enough.

Alls i get is shit……

i just dont get it